Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm still alive!

I have to send a very sincere apology to my Customers for my lack of postings for several months.  Since most of you are my friends, you know that my husband broke his neck and back 5 years ago and sometimes my life is consumed with just living....if you can call it living when you don't have time to stamp, go to garage sales, redo furniture and do all sorts of other crafts and repurposing!  I am home with hubby while he recovers from his 4th surgery.  I thought I would get all sorts of projects done to post either here or on my crafting blog (, but I have found it's best just to concentrate on him right now. So, my projects remain a vision in my head, my house remains unorganized, my laundry backed up.... I promise, I will be back and more consistent  in the New Year!  Don't give up on me!

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