Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm still alive!

I have to send a very sincere apology to my Customers for my lack of postings for several months.  Since most of you are my friends, you know that my husband broke his neck and back 5 years ago and sometimes my life is consumed with just living....if you can call it living when you don't have time to stamp, go to garage sales, redo furniture and do all sorts of other crafts and repurposing!  I am home with hubby while he recovers from his 4th surgery.  I thought I would get all sorts of projects done to post either here or on my crafting blog (, but I have found it's best just to concentrate on him right now. So, my projects remain a vision in my head, my house remains unorganized, my laundry backed up.... I promise, I will be back and more consistent  in the New Year!  Don't give up on me!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Stamp Sets and other items for Sale! - New non-stamp set items added!

I am posting all the sets that I am selling here on the blog so I have a central place to keep track of inventory. If you live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and want to attend my home sale, please let me know and I will keep you posted on date/time. I accept paypal and shipping is actual cost. If you are picking up from me in person or attending my sale, it is cash only. These prices are over 50% off the cost to me. I am not offering a "bulk buy" for the products. Thanks for looking!

Note:  If the sets are italicized, it means they are pending payment and will be taken off the list as soon as payment is received, or reverted back to available.

LAST UPDATE:  11/24 10am

Florals and Nature

Bella's Bloom $6.00 New, Unmounted, pre-cut

Bitty Bouquets $6.00 Used, Mounted, clean

Close to Nature $6.00 New, Unmounted

Delightful Doodles $6.00 New, Unmounted

Delightful Doodles $6.00 New, Unmounted

Itty Bitty Borders $6.00 New, Mounted

Itty Bitty Borders $6.00 New, Unmounted

Organic Grace $6.00 New, Unmounted, pre-cut

Seasonal Images $6.00 Used, Mounted, clean

Shell Greetings $6.00 Used, Mounted, clean

Spring Pansy $6.00 Used, Mounted, clean

Thank You Blocks $6.00 Used, Mounted, clean

Wee Watercolors $6.00 New, Unmounted

Best Blossoms $8.00 New, Unmounted

Botanical $8.00 Used, Mounted, some staining

Bunch O' Bugs $8.00 New, Unmounted

Cute as A Bug $8.00 used, Mounted, clean

Delight in Life $8.00 New, Unmounted

God's Beauty $8.00 New, Unmounted, pre-cut

Love Ya Bunches $8.00 New, Unmounted

Merci $8.00 New, Unmounted, pre-cut

Nature's Wonders $8.00 Used, Mounted, clean

Nature's Wonders $8.00 Used, Partially Mounted, clean

Painted Garden $8.00 Used, Mounted, clean

Polka Dots and Paisley $8.00 New, Unmounted

Sweet Flowers $8.00 New, Unmounted

Watercolor Minis $8.00 New, Unmounted

Watercolor Minis $8.00 Used, Mounted, clean

Enjoy Every Moment $11.00 New, Unmounted, pre-cut

Friendly Flowers $11.00 New, Unmounted, pre-cut

Topiary $11.00 Used, Mounted, Clean

Friendship Blooms $11.00 New, Unmounted, pre-cut

Flower-Filled $11.00 New, Cut, Unmounted

Fresh Flowers $11.00 used, mounted, stained

Infinite Goodness $11.00 New, Unmounted

Bloomin' Wonderful $15.00 Used, partial mounted, some staining

Both Way Blossoms $15.00 New, Unmounted

Cottage Rose $15.00 Used, Mounted, some staining

Daisy $15.00 Used, Mounted, clean

Daisy $15.00 Used, Mounted, some staining

Hand-Painted Petites $15.00 Used, Mounted, some staining

Hand-Painted Petites $15.00 Used, mounted, stained

Heartfelt Thanks $15.00 Used, Mounted, some staining

Nature's Sketchbook $15.00 New, Unmounted

Petal Prints $15.00 New, Unmounted

Petal Prints $15.00 Used, Mounted, some staining

Something Nice $15.00 Used, Mounted, some staining

Wild Rose $20.00 New, Unmounted

Flora and Fauna $30.00 New, Unmounted

Birthday and All-Occasion Sets

Bitty Bolds $6.00 Used, Mounted, some stains

God Bless America $6.00 Used, Mounted, some stains

Hang your Heart $6.00 New, Unmounted

In the Sky $6.00 Used, Mounted, clean

In the Sky $6.00 Used, Mounted, some stains

Kanji $6.00 Used, Mounted, Clean

Love Bug $6.00 New, Unmounted, precut
Stars and Swirls $6.00 Used, Mounted, some stains

Stars and Swirls $6.00 New, Unmounted

Starstruck $6.00 New, Unmounted

Wow Flowers $6.00 New, Unmounted, precut

A Little Bit of Happiness$8.00 New, Unmounted

A Little Love $8.00 New, Unmounted

A Little Love $8.00 New, Unmounted

A Little Love $8.00 New, Unmounted

A Little Love $8.00 New, Unmounted

A Little Love $8.00 Used, partially mounted, some staining

A to Z Accents $8.00 New, Unmounted
For A Friend $8.00 New, Unmounted

It's a Girl Thing $8.00 New, Unmounted

Seeing Spots $8.00 New, Unmounted

Smorgasborders $8.00 New, Unmounted

Smorgasborders $8.00 Used, partially mounted, some staining

Taggers Dozen $8.00 New, Unmounted

The Fine Print $8.00 New, Unmounted

Weather or Not $8.00 New, Unmounted

Wonderful Woodcuts $8.00 New, Unmounted

Year-Round Cheer $8.00 Used, Mounted,Clean

A Little Somethin' $11.00 New, Unmounted

All Occasions $11.00 Used, Mounted, some staining

All Occasions $11.00 New, Unmounted

Birthday Banter $11.00 New, Unmounted

Bold Basics $11.00 Used, Mounted, clean

Border Buddies $11.00 Used, Mounted, clean

Haute Couture $11.00 New, Unmounted

I Like Your Style $11.00 Used, Mounted, some staining

La Dee-Da $11.00 New, Unmounted

Little Layers $11.00 Used, Mounted, some staining

Little Layers Plus $11.00 New, Unmounted

Love Notes $11.00 New, Unmounted

Darling Dots $11.00 New, Unmounted, precut

Polka Dot Punches $11.00 New, Unmounted, precut

Furnished with Love $11.00 new, Unmounted

Sketch an Event $11.00 Used, Mounted, Stained

Simply Summer $11.00 New, Unmounted

Riveting $11.00 Used, Partially Mounted, clean

Sweet of You $11.00 New, unmounted

You are My Sunshine $11.00 Used, Mounted , slight staining

Mini Mates $15 Used, mounted, some staining

Wildlife $20 Used, mounted, staining

Gifts from the Orient $20 Used, Mounted, Very Rare

Borders and Backgrounds
Alpha Shadows $6.00 New, Unmounted

Alpha Shadows $6.00 New, Partially Mounted

Around and About $6.00 New, Partially Mounted

round and About $6.00 New, Unmounted

Background Basics $6.00 Used, Mounted, Clean

Background Basics $6.00 New, Unmounted

Beyond the Basics $6.00 New, Mounted

Fabulous Four $6.00 Used, Partially Mounted, Clean

Itty Bitty Backgrounds $6.00 Used, Mounted, some staining

Itty Bitty Backgrounds $6.00 Used, Partially Mounted, Clean

Journaling $6.00 Used, Mounted, Clean

Letter Perfect Backgroun $6.00 New, Unmounted

Little Shapes $6.00 Used, Mounted, some staining

Mini Borders $6.00 Used, Mounted, Clean

Mini Borders $6.00 Used, Mounted, some staining

Petite Patterns $6.00 Used, Mounted, Clean

En Francais $8.00 New, Unmounted

Pindot Plaid $8.00 Used, Mounted, Clean

Victorian Lace $8.00 Used, Mounted, some staining

Word by Word $8.00 used, Mounted, clean

Border Builders $11 Used, Mounted, some staining

Simple Shapes $11 Used, Partially Mounted, some staining

Perfect Plaids $11 Used, Mounted, some staining

Great Shapes $13 New, Unmounted

Words, Sayings, Alphabets

Small Script $6.00 Used, Partially Mounted, Clean

Vogue Verses $8 Used, Mounted, some staining

Lexicon of Love $8 Used, partially mounted, some staining

Lots of Thoughts $8 New, Unmounted, precut
Conrats $8 New, Unmounted, precut

Yummy $8 New, Unmounted, precut

All About U $11 Used, Mounted, some staining

Mini Messages $11 New, Unmounted

Mini Messages $11 Used, partially mounted, some staining

Block Party $11 New, unmounted

Holidays and Special Occasions

Wreath of Roses $8 New, Mounted, Clean
Love Ya! $8 Used, Mounted, some staining

Love Always $11 Used, Mounted, some staining

Non- Stamp Set Items:

Sizzix Rolling Tote:  $35  New w/tags
Because of the size of this item and the fact I don't have a box big enough for shipping, this is a pick up item in the Dallas area.

Simply Scrappin' Scrapbook kits:
(All new, discontinued.  Original Cost with tax/shipping was over $23)

Vintage Keepsakes $10.00
Just Delightful $10.00
At Home $10.00
Tie the Knot $10.00
Summer Days $10.00
I'm here - boy $10.00
Tickets and Tokens $10.00
Campout $10.00

Designer Series Paper  (If listed more than once, I have multiple packs)

Afternoon Tea $8.00
Bella Rose $8.00
Bella Rose $8.00
Bella Rose $8.00
Brocade Background $8.00
Cutie Pie $8.00
Enchante $8.00
Flowers for You $8.00
Loves Me $8.00
Outlaw $8.00
Outlaw $8.00
Outlaw $8.00
Parisian Breeze $8.00
Parisian Breeze $8.00
Parisian Breeze $8.00
Petals and Paisley $8.00
Porcelain Prints $8.00
Porcelain Prints $8.00
Raspberry Tart $8.00
Uptown $8.00
Urban Garden $8.00
Urban Garden $8.00
Urban Garden $8.00

As possible, I will be adding more items, so come back!

Simply Amazing Offer from Stampin' Up!

What do you call it when you get over $310 in crafting and business supplies for only $87.50? You can call it an amazing deal, but we’re calling it an amazing opportunity! From November 15-30, you can purchase either our Standard or Digital+ Starter Kits at 50 percent off the regular retail price of $175 (plus free shipping!), and enjoy these great benefits as a Stampin’ Up!® demonstrator:

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Save a Bundle for the Holidays!

Create Amazing cards, Beautiful packaging, and Cherished gifts this holiday season!

From October 19-December 16, choose from several different holiday bundles containing gorgeous Stampin’ Up!® products—perfect for creating cards, gift packaging, and gifts—and all at 20% off!

Click here to see the Stamp Set bundles.  What a great way to get some terrific products and save a Bundle! 

Call or email me to order...or shop online!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's fun to be a Demo!

One of the best things about being a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator (besides all the wonderful friends you make) is all the cool things you get to attend.  When I flew to Wisconsin last month to spend the weekend with three of my dearest friends, we also got to go down to Chicago to attend a special SU! event with other Members of our group.  It was so fun and I came away with the best cards and samples I have ever left an event with - in over 10 years of being a Demonstrator.   This was absolutely OUTSTANDING!  This is one of the benefits of joining my team.  You get to be part of an awesome group of very talented, sharing and caring Demonstrators.  And the group I am in are truly the cream of the crop!  You still have until October 18th to join Stampin' Up! and get the FREE Craft Tote with your starter kit!  Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity now and then later, you can take advantage of the wonderful events we have planned!

This picture isn't great, but here is a small sample of some of the ideas that were shared: 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Never too old for Goofy Stuff - Punch Art

In August, I joined three of my closest friends in Wisconsin for a stamping weekend marathon!  We laughed and stamped and ate and started all over again.  There was very little sleeping involved and we had a great time!  Here is one of the darling cards we made.  It uses Top Note and Scallop dies, flower punch and the senitment is from the set "Smarty Pants."

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tote-ally AWESOME Opportunity!

TOTE-ALLY Awesome Opportunity!

I've got a TOTE-ALLY awesome opportunity for YOU!!! From now until October 18th, receive a FREE craft tote (a $39.95 value) when you join Stampin' Up! as a demonstrator! The fall and winter holidays create some of the BEST stamping's a great time to earn some extra money!

Imagine... sharing your ♥ of Stampin’ Up! with this stylish and practical tote, patterned after our Greenhouse Gala Designer Series paper and large enough to carry 12” x 12” card stock and a Paper Cutter, as well as punches, ink pads, and accessories.

And with two Starter Kits to choose from-Standard and Digital-at a brand new lower kit price, there’s never been a better time to join the Stampin’Up! family!

Contact me for your password to join and you could be a demonstrator today!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Starting Over - A New Stampin' Year!

So, I've been extremely negligent in posting to my blog! Since I don't believe I have a following, this is a mute point! Hah!

I am very excited about SU!s new catalog year. It's absolutely fabulous. My wish list is way too long, so I better get working to justify all the new stuff I want!

This will be a quickie post for today to include the links to my website and our catalogs. Sign up for my Blog Feed. I'm going to start giving away some of my over 300 stamp sets that are retired! Leave a comment and you will be entered in for a free stamp set on my drawing date of August 31st!

My SU! Website:

Happy Stampin'!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Why I am not going to the office today...

Here is our driveway

Here is my car

Here is our 4-Wheel Drive BIG the ditch trying to get out of the driveway

I think I declare this a day of crossword puzzles, naps by the fire and uncombed hair!