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Stamp Sets and other items for Sale! - New non-stamp set items added!

I am posting all the sets that I am selling here on the blog so I have a central place to keep track of inventory. If you live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and want to attend my home sale, please let me know and I will keep you posted on date/time. I accept paypal and shipping is actual cost. If you are picking up from me in person or attending my sale, it is cash only. These prices are over 50% off the cost to me. I am not offering a "bulk buy" for the products. Thanks for looking!

Note:  If the sets are italicized, it means they are pending payment and will be taken off the list as soon as payment is received, or reverted back to available.

LAST UPDATE:  11/24 10am

Florals and Nature

Bella's Bloom $6.00 New, Unmounted, pre-cut

Bitty Bouquets $6.00 Used, Mounted, clean

Close to Nature $6.00 New, Unmounted

Delightful Doodles $6.00 New, Unmounted

Delightful Doodles $6.00 New, Unmounted

Itty Bitty Borders $6.00 New, Mounted

Itty Bitty Borders $6.00 New, Unmounted

Organic Grace $6.00 New, Unmounted, pre-cut

Seasonal Images $6.00 Used, Mounted, clean

Shell Greetings $6.00 Used, Mounted, clean

Spring Pansy $6.00 Used, Mounted, clean

Thank You Blocks $6.00 Used, Mounted, clean

Wee Watercolors $6.00 New, Unmounted

Best Blossoms $8.00 New, Unmounted

Botanical $8.00 Used, Mounted, some staining

Bunch O' Bugs $8.00 New, Unmounted

Cute as A Bug $8.00 used, Mounted, clean

Delight in Life $8.00 New, Unmounted

God's Beauty $8.00 New, Unmounted, pre-cut

Love Ya Bunches $8.00 New, Unmounted

Merci $8.00 New, Unmounted, pre-cut

Nature's Wonders $8.00 Used, Mounted, clean

Nature's Wonders $8.00 Used, Partially Mounted, clean

Painted Garden $8.00 Used, Mounted, clean

Polka Dots and Paisley $8.00 New, Unmounted

Sweet Flowers $8.00 New, Unmounted

Watercolor Minis $8.00 New, Unmounted

Watercolor Minis $8.00 Used, Mounted, clean

Enjoy Every Moment $11.00 New, Unmounted, pre-cut

Friendly Flowers $11.00 New, Unmounted, pre-cut

Topiary $11.00 Used, Mounted, Clean

Friendship Blooms $11.00 New, Unmounted, pre-cut

Flower-Filled $11.00 New, Cut, Unmounted

Fresh Flowers $11.00 used, mounted, stained

Infinite Goodness $11.00 New, Unmounted

Bloomin' Wonderful $15.00 Used, partial mounted, some staining

Both Way Blossoms $15.00 New, Unmounted

Cottage Rose $15.00 Used, Mounted, some staining

Daisy $15.00 Used, Mounted, clean

Daisy $15.00 Used, Mounted, some staining

Hand-Painted Petites $15.00 Used, Mounted, some staining

Hand-Painted Petites $15.00 Used, mounted, stained

Heartfelt Thanks $15.00 Used, Mounted, some staining

Nature's Sketchbook $15.00 New, Unmounted

Petal Prints $15.00 New, Unmounted

Petal Prints $15.00 Used, Mounted, some staining

Something Nice $15.00 Used, Mounted, some staining

Wild Rose $20.00 New, Unmounted

Flora and Fauna $30.00 New, Unmounted

Birthday and All-Occasion Sets

Bitty Bolds $6.00 Used, Mounted, some stains

God Bless America $6.00 Used, Mounted, some stains

Hang your Heart $6.00 New, Unmounted

In the Sky $6.00 Used, Mounted, clean

In the Sky $6.00 Used, Mounted, some stains

Kanji $6.00 Used, Mounted, Clean

Love Bug $6.00 New, Unmounted, precut
Stars and Swirls $6.00 Used, Mounted, some stains

Stars and Swirls $6.00 New, Unmounted

Starstruck $6.00 New, Unmounted

Wow Flowers $6.00 New, Unmounted, precut

A Little Bit of Happiness$8.00 New, Unmounted

A Little Love $8.00 New, Unmounted

A Little Love $8.00 New, Unmounted

A Little Love $8.00 New, Unmounted

A Little Love $8.00 New, Unmounted

A Little Love $8.00 Used, partially mounted, some staining

A to Z Accents $8.00 New, Unmounted
For A Friend $8.00 New, Unmounted

It's a Girl Thing $8.00 New, Unmounted

Seeing Spots $8.00 New, Unmounted

Smorgasborders $8.00 New, Unmounted

Smorgasborders $8.00 Used, partially mounted, some staining

Taggers Dozen $8.00 New, Unmounted

The Fine Print $8.00 New, Unmounted

Weather or Not $8.00 New, Unmounted

Wonderful Woodcuts $8.00 New, Unmounted

Year-Round Cheer $8.00 Used, Mounted,Clean

A Little Somethin' $11.00 New, Unmounted

All Occasions $11.00 Used, Mounted, some staining

All Occasions $11.00 New, Unmounted

Birthday Banter $11.00 New, Unmounted

Bold Basics $11.00 Used, Mounted, clean

Border Buddies $11.00 Used, Mounted, clean

Haute Couture $11.00 New, Unmounted

I Like Your Style $11.00 Used, Mounted, some staining

La Dee-Da $11.00 New, Unmounted

Little Layers $11.00 Used, Mounted, some staining

Little Layers Plus $11.00 New, Unmounted

Love Notes $11.00 New, Unmounted

Darling Dots $11.00 New, Unmounted, precut

Polka Dot Punches $11.00 New, Unmounted, precut

Furnished with Love $11.00 new, Unmounted

Sketch an Event $11.00 Used, Mounted, Stained

Simply Summer $11.00 New, Unmounted

Riveting $11.00 Used, Partially Mounted, clean

Sweet of You $11.00 New, unmounted

You are My Sunshine $11.00 Used, Mounted , slight staining

Mini Mates $15 Used, mounted, some staining

Wildlife $20 Used, mounted, staining

Gifts from the Orient $20 Used, Mounted, Very Rare

Borders and Backgrounds
Alpha Shadows $6.00 New, Unmounted

Alpha Shadows $6.00 New, Partially Mounted

Around and About $6.00 New, Partially Mounted

round and About $6.00 New, Unmounted

Background Basics $6.00 Used, Mounted, Clean

Background Basics $6.00 New, Unmounted

Beyond the Basics $6.00 New, Mounted

Fabulous Four $6.00 Used, Partially Mounted, Clean

Itty Bitty Backgrounds $6.00 Used, Mounted, some staining

Itty Bitty Backgrounds $6.00 Used, Partially Mounted, Clean

Journaling $6.00 Used, Mounted, Clean

Letter Perfect Backgroun $6.00 New, Unmounted

Little Shapes $6.00 Used, Mounted, some staining

Mini Borders $6.00 Used, Mounted, Clean

Mini Borders $6.00 Used, Mounted, some staining

Petite Patterns $6.00 Used, Mounted, Clean

En Francais $8.00 New, Unmounted

Pindot Plaid $8.00 Used, Mounted, Clean

Victorian Lace $8.00 Used, Mounted, some staining

Word by Word $8.00 used, Mounted, clean

Border Builders $11 Used, Mounted, some staining

Simple Shapes $11 Used, Partially Mounted, some staining

Perfect Plaids $11 Used, Mounted, some staining

Great Shapes $13 New, Unmounted

Words, Sayings, Alphabets

Small Script $6.00 Used, Partially Mounted, Clean

Vogue Verses $8 Used, Mounted, some staining

Lexicon of Love $8 Used, partially mounted, some staining

Lots of Thoughts $8 New, Unmounted, precut
Conrats $8 New, Unmounted, precut

Yummy $8 New, Unmounted, precut

All About U $11 Used, Mounted, some staining

Mini Messages $11 New, Unmounted

Mini Messages $11 Used, partially mounted, some staining

Block Party $11 New, unmounted

Holidays and Special Occasions

Wreath of Roses $8 New, Mounted, Clean
Love Ya! $8 Used, Mounted, some staining

Love Always $11 Used, Mounted, some staining

Non- Stamp Set Items:

Sizzix Rolling Tote:  $35  New w/tags
Because of the size of this item and the fact I don't have a box big enough for shipping, this is a pick up item in the Dallas area.

Simply Scrappin' Scrapbook kits:
(All new, discontinued.  Original Cost with tax/shipping was over $23)

Vintage Keepsakes $10.00
Just Delightful $10.00
At Home $10.00
Tie the Knot $10.00
Summer Days $10.00
I'm here - boy $10.00
Tickets and Tokens $10.00
Campout $10.00

Designer Series Paper  (If listed more than once, I have multiple packs)

Afternoon Tea $8.00
Bella Rose $8.00
Bella Rose $8.00
Bella Rose $8.00
Brocade Background $8.00
Cutie Pie $8.00
Enchante $8.00
Flowers for You $8.00
Loves Me $8.00
Outlaw $8.00
Outlaw $8.00
Outlaw $8.00
Parisian Breeze $8.00
Parisian Breeze $8.00
Parisian Breeze $8.00
Petals and Paisley $8.00
Porcelain Prints $8.00
Porcelain Prints $8.00
Raspberry Tart $8.00
Uptown $8.00
Urban Garden $8.00
Urban Garden $8.00
Urban Garden $8.00

As possible, I will be adding more items, so come back!

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